The story of Roona Begum

Roona Begum, who was born with hydrocephalus, a condition that results in a build-up of cerebrospinal fluid on the brain, was found in a village in Tripura by Agartala-based photographer Arindam Dey back in april 2013. Roona’s condition had caused her head to swell to a circumference of 94 cm (37 inches), putting pressure on her brain and making it impossible for her to sit upright or crawl.

When Roona was born, local doctors told her parents to take her to a private hospital in a big city but the costs were too high for her 18-year-old father, Abdul Rahman, an illiterate labourer who earns Rs. 150 a day. In an interview Rahman said he had prayed constantly for a “miracle” to save his little girl.

Since the photographs were shared in worldwide newspapers, they didn’t have to wait long for the miracle to come. The pictures of Roona prompted an outpouring of support around the world with prospective donors contacting AFP and other news organizations, enquiring how they could contribute to a fund for her and her family’s welfare.

Two Norwegian college students, saw Roona’s photographs and started an online campaign that raised $62,000 to help her family.

Today, eight surgeries later the money is well spent on her surgeries, and Roona is in a much better condition than she was three years ago. Hear head now has a circumference of 56 cm, (22 inches), she is able to hold hear head up alone, she can see and even say a few words. But the family is still poor and can’t afford to aftercare and follow-ups for Roona. Therefor we have started a new fundraiser for Roona, to be able to help her when needed. Want to be a part of the miracle?

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You’re among angels now

It saddens my heart to tell that our girl Roona Begum passed away Sunday June 18. She will be remembered as a strong girl!

You’re among angels now ❤


Roona begum, dead, 2017

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Today is a special day!

Four and half years ago the doctors didn’t think Roona would survive due to her extreme case of Hydrocephalus. Now Roona has proved the whole world wrong. Today, she is turning five years old!

Happy birthday to her!



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Roona Begum family

Where is Roona now?

On May 31 Dailymail wrote an updated article about Roona Begum and her family. Where are they now and what does the future look like?

Read more on Dailymail.com

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Birth announcement

We are happy to announce that Abdul and Fatima brought a son to the world on January 10th.

Congratulations to big sister Roona!

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Roona Begum

Roona Begum

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.

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